Our Programs

Fighting Hunger

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive is so important. Children experiencing homelessness are invisible in our communities. They suffer out of sight of the general public, policymakers, and even school personnel. Project "I SEE YOU" provides homeless and underserved students with food and necessities.

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Workforce Development

We offer free Vocational training class and remove multiple barriers to employment, specifically, high school drop outs, homeless or at-risk, may have a felony background, have been incarcerated, transitioning from foster care, or recent graduates or veterans that need assistance with job search. The main goal of this program is to help decrease dependency on state and federal programs, chronic unemployment, and prevent community deterioration. This includes meeting the needs of the community such as educational, social, drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, gang and violence prevention. Moving them from homeless to renters from renters to homeowners. 

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Mobile Resource Center

The Mobile Resource Center will allow Love My Life's volunteers to meet homeless individuals where they are, using technology and providing tools, resources and connections for them. LML's mobile unit will participate in Health Fairs, Job Fairs and other Community Events. The Mobile Resource Center will help us move about the homeless and underserved communities assessing and documenting their individual needs, so we can tailor our services towards the individuals we serve, bring people out of isolation. 

What We Do


For more than 7 years, Love My Life, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionately helping homeless families, families living in their cars and young mothers with two or more children living in rundown hotels/motels in South Sacramento and surrounding areas, coordinating health and mental health services, food assistance, emergency housing assistance, case management, bullying prevention and parent engagement programs. We are unique because we aren’t afraid to go into the dark shadows of known dangerous communities to find the people who are truly suffering, but afraid to reach out for assistance.  

Our program's monitoring and measurement tools include acquisition of new community partners, collaborators, and neighborhood ambassadors, i.e. recruitment of multi-lingual community partners to serve our growing number of program participants; expansion of communities served and services provided.

January 22, 2019 Love My Life, Inc. was voted by the Catalyst XII Leadership Team to become partners for good in the Sacramento Community.





   Members of our organization created a

multicultural culturally responsive curriculum to help volunteers and other organization better understand the needs of homeless and underserve individuals. This strategy has also helped our organization build trusting relationships opening the door for Law Enforcement, Medical, Psychological and Social Service Support 



  Love My Life, Inc. created a Safe Zone on the secured grounds of Saint Matthew Christian Church. The safe zone provides a safe place for the youth in underserved and violent communities to gather. 


The Clothes Closet provides free clothing, shoes, socks, jackets, personal care items.

  The Clothes Closet provides free clothing, shoes, socks, jackets, sleeping bags, personal care items to our homeless veterans and  community members living in homeless  encampments .



  Our free vocational training provides specialized job training in the technical field of Telecommunication and Basic Electrical.   



Our Mobile Resource Center will move about the homeless community assessing individuals needs, and tailor our services towards the individuals we serve.



 Bridging disparities in health and human services, food assistance, emergency housing assistance, case management, and legal remedies. 



I am Kowjuana Ross-Kirkland, Executive Director of, Love My Life Inc. (LML). I have been a dedicated teacher of youth in special education programs, a coach for school and community athletic teams and a mentor and sponsor for children and young adults. I am also a local business owner, mother and wife. At times it is almost overwhelming, but I have always felt compelled to try and help change the course of our future by changing the path of our youth.

I remember when our communities were bursting with mentors and volunteers in our school and community centers. I am glad to say, I was one of the youths that was a part of this bursting community that helped shape me, give me confidence and empower me to be a productive citizen in society. As I worked with some of these children today, I see myself all over again, having the desire to do something good, but not having the support. I know that no matter how far I get in life, I will never forget where I came from. 

Love My Life, Inc. started in my classroom, when some of my students would come to school dirty, hungry, tired and sometimes angry. Some of them were diagnosed with Autism, and Asperger’s syndrome. While others were just angry for being taken away from their parent, grandparent or the only caregiver they have ever known. My students were often bullied or ignored. I felt that, I had to do something. No child should regularly feel hungry, forgotten, 'different,' and unhappy. My homeless students would say," that school is a home to them it's a place where they can count on seeing their buddies". They eat at the same time everyday with their classmates. It's a place where they feel like they own something, even if it's only for nine months out of a year, their desk, their books, even their place in line. I started LML to support children and families living in underserve, and violent communities because, I want all children no matter their socioeconomic status, race, physical /psychiatric condition, to have opportunities that will help them to Love their life.