Taking Action

There is already a literacy crisis in America, and without intervention homeless and low-income students will continues to struggle. The solution requires us to take action and bring public awareness. 

Just like the hospital staff and our medical community we are identifying and meeting the needs of homeless and low-income students created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Love My Life, Inc. staff and volunteers decided to follow the model set by the Healthcare Community, we asked Principals, retired Teachers and Para-Educators to help us in this fight, to save and continue the knowledge already gain by these students. 

We are printing resource packages that contain math skills, reading, and reading comprehension resources; these resources are given to us from Teachers lesson plans. We are hand delivering these resource packages along with food to homeless students living in Elk Grove and Sacramento, CA. We need your help! We are in need of more printing ink, paper, school supplies, resource material, learning manipulatives, food, gift and gas cards. We're hoping that by taking these steps we can help reduce the short and long term effects of COVID-19 on homeless, low-income and poor students in our community schools.


Job Training

Our Hands On Training Program Project "HOT" provides specialized in-person job training in the technical field of Telecommunication came to a screeching holt due to COVID-19. We had10 homeless individuals that were getting ready to start work/ training. Due to the shelter in place and social distancing directives, we can no longer hold in-person trainings. It is impossible to switch to a virtual model because our equipment is not mobile and our population does not have access to the required technology. Additionally, several members of the homeless community have tested positive for COVID-19. Furthermore, the government has moved our population into hotels all over Sacramento and it is difficult to find them. Our program has been postponed until further notice. Lastly, our main source of funding comes from servicing our population through our program and community partners. 

We anticipate our program supporting 10 homeless individuals and 15 families in the South Sacramento and Elk Grove areas.   

This program is funded by donation.

Support Us

We address the need to have skilled workers ready to enter the job market. 

Project "HOT" also provides support for trainees in the form of mentorship, stipends or other guidance, during training and as they enter their new jobs.