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Project " I SEE YOU"

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Project"I SEE YOU"


Project "I SEE YOU" provides homeless and underserved students with food and necessities during the weekends, winter, spring and summer break. Because these students have no permanent home or address, they cannot receive services. These children depend on eating breakfast and lunch at school everyday. When school is closed most of them will go without the consistency of having breakfast or lunch and often dinner. We need your help!

Food Allergies & Intolerance


Love My Life has created food allergies/intolerance bracelets and special bag/backpack tags to help identify and insure that each homeless individual we serve will receive the right nutrition for their over all health.

Food Pantry


  Love My Life is advancing the future of community health by changing the way our food pantries distribute food. 

Clothes Closet


  We collect new and gently used clothes for our community Clothes Closet. The Clothes Closet provides free clothing, shoes, socks, jackets, personal care items and school supplies to students, and poor or underserved community members and the homeless.

We collect blankets all year long.


  We collect new and gently used blankets to help someone stay warm during the winter. 

School Supplies


 We promote attendance and a positive school environment by focusing on the whole child, providing critical support services and removing barriers to learning.