Telecommunication Tech

  “If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed throughout their life.

Workforce Development

Vocational Training

Telecommunication classes are taught by Volunteers and Retired Local#340 Journeymen Electrician, License California State Contractors and Telecommunication Contractors. 

Vocational Training Class is a 12-week program

The class is taught four days a week (Monday-Thursday) four hours a day, 8am-12pm. 2376 Gold River Rd. Suite#10 Rancho Cordova, Ca. 95670.

Each student will learn the following: 

Cellular Telecommunication Civil Installations 

RF 700/800 Radio technology.

Installation of Super flex and Hard flex, PPC connectors (4.3 connectors Din Male n Female).

Installation of 48Volt 2 conductor power connectors.

Installation of SFP Fiber cards.

Installation of Burney grounding lugs and ground bars.

Color Coding.

Hand Tools, PPC connector gun and ladder safety.

Cal Osha and First Aid/CPR certifications. 

A developmental skills professional will conduct a series of life skills workshops that are designed to ensure students must meet a set of behavioral expectations and demonstrate competencies in eight areas known as Career Success Standards (CSS): Workplace Relationships and Ethics, Interpersonal Skills, Multicultural Awareness, Personal Growth and Development, Information Management, Communication, Independent Living, and Career and Personal Planning.

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• Housing – Use legal remedies to improve living situations

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Sam is graduating soon and will be working as a Telecommunication Tech.

TyQuan was looking for a better job to support his family.

Albert was homeless and living in his car with his family.

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