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Homeless, Low-income Students and their Families have been severely impacted due to COVID-19 and your support is needed more than ever. 

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Love My Life Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with 7 years of growing success, serving people living in roadside encampments or tent cities, the working poor and families living in their cars. We offer an integrated approach to services and activities, linking the church, community, and families together.

Like most large organizations that started off small with the heart to help those who are suffering, we are committed to serve those in need. It's not easy but well worth it. Donations are Tax-Deductible.

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Homeless students are severely impacted due to COVID-19 and your support is needed more than ever.

The impact of COVID-19 proves that Computer Literacy and access to the Internet or public WIFI is a must for homeless and low-income students in today's world.  

The recent closure of schools, shelter in place and social distancing directives have made it harder for Teachers, school staff and our volunteers to protect the health and safety of these students. The current COVID-19 pandemic creates even deeper ramifications for this vulnerable population. As we all know, this devastating experience will impact homeless, low-income and poor student’s health, education, and career opportunities, especially minorities, which will affect the stability of our communities and the cost of human services for decades. Without intervention these students will fall further and further behind or even dropout of school.

Project "I SEE YOU"




Fighting Hunger and Contributing to Academic Success for Homeless Students and Students living in Poverty.

Too many kids are showing up to school hungry and hungry kids can’t learn.We believe in using the whole child approach, which ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, this approach sets the standard for comprehensive, sustainable school improvement and provides for long-term student success. We believe that this is the best practice for  removing barriers to learning and the best approach providing students with the assistance and structure for attaining long-term success in all areas of their life. Our belief is that all students should have engaging and empowering learning experiences.  

Project "HOT"


Project "HOT"


Workforce Development - OVER COMING CHALLENGES

Our Hands On Training Program Project "HOT" is leveling the playing field for individuals that can be considered hard-to-serve and unemployable.This Vocational Training program started from our little MOM and POP Electrical Contracting Business, my Husband passion to help homeless individuals, and the working poor obtain the skills necessary to have a career one can retire from. 

This is a simple act of kindness and a little bit of hard work, that grew into a non-profit, with a little tweaking here and there turned into Project "HOT" Hands On Training. 

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